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3-Year Leadership Development Experience Map

In mid 2017 we had the privilege to pitch a 3 year (an on-going) piece of work for a large Australian financial institution.

This opportunity came off the back of a successful run of 75 workshop in a year (!!) which we completed a few years before, plus the ensuing several years of work with the Executive team.

For this opportunity I was tasked to create a map that encompassed the complexity and scope of the program in a one-pager that our stakeholders could take to their board... no small task!

In order to demonstrate the appropriate level of detail for the audience involved I developed the visual language of the concentric circles, colour coded to the respective groups.

Why include redacted images?

I think it's important to capture the realities of the experiences I design - which inevitably include sensitive information - while respecting the anonymity of those involved and safeguarding the business-relevant information shared during these experiences.

Want to know more?

Ask me about it. 

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