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A human online

One of the first things a website needs to do is represent the person (or people) behind it. That way a viewer can get a sense of the people involved in whatever the site is showcasing, and an idea of whether those people can be trusted or not.

When I designed my site I had this in mind: how can I present my best self online?

As a part of the design solution to this problem I produced 3 videos:

  • Who I am

  • What I do

  • Where I do it

This trio of jump-cut black and white vingettes give just enough of who I am to the site, intriging the viewer to stay and watch just long enough. Not too much. 

They reflect the actual day-to-day of who I am and how I work; you know what you're getting when you work with me and you can get a glimpse of what's interesting to me... what I'm seeing and spending my time on.

It's all in service of the greater question: how do we (really) represent the human in a digital space?

This is one of those 'life-long' questions my practice is chipping away at with the digital solutions I create.

Recently I updated the first video - Who - to my 2024 self. Enjoy the comparison above.

Want to know more?

Ask me about it.

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