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All-in strategy day

In January 2023 I co-designed an all-in strategy day for a small-but-mighty facilities management business.

Together with our clients and senior strategy consultant, we designed an accessible process to bring the whole company together to set the company strategy for the next few years.

I designed activities, materials, the environment, technology, outputs and the flow of the day to maximise participation and drive toward a truly co-designed outcome. This included previously unused live graphic recording system so our senior consultant could take notes straight to the in-session presentation.

We finished off the engagement with a output document that included images, verbatim quotes and further reading, as well as the polished version of the outputs created by the group on the day.

Why include redacted images?

I think it's important to capture the realities of the experiences I design - which inevitably include sensitive information - while respecting the anonymity of those involved and safeguarding the business-relevant information shared during these experiences.

(I also like the way the visual representation reflects the vagaries of memory. There is a surreal quality to the images I find quite attractive...)

Want to know more?

Ask me about it.

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