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AWS Tech Leaders Assembly

In 2022 I co-designed and delivered the AWS Tech Leader's Assembly.

The AWS team I worked with is focussed on building communitites across the tech ecosystem. Yes AWS delivers high value technical solutions, but with this event they were looking to strengthen the whole Australian tech community by bringing together leaders from all walks of tech life.

We designed the conference around 3 subject matter pillars: People, Process and Technology.

I took carriage of the design the overall experience of the Assembly.

This ranged from designing what the venue looked like, participant take aways and digital interactions, to the topics and talking points to guide speakers, and the reflection questions for participants in-session and after the fact (so that it wasn't just another tech junketg conference).

This looked like a myriad of small design decisions that come together to form a beautiful, successful cohesive whole.

To achieve this I worked closely with product superstar Brad Dunn, as well as community, marketing, logistics and leadership teams in AWS. And, various external service providers.

Check out the sizzle reel the AWS media team put togehter about the event above.

Want to know more?

Ask me about it.

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