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From 3D animation to the real world

Over the course of my time at ByMany I not only helped develop the company brand (in collaboration with our very talented identity designer) but I was also wholly responsible for applying the brand to our day-to-day work.

This meant I applied the brand from the brand guide provided by our designer to the practical applications everyone in the business needed.

Things like creating the templates for word and powerpoint documents, collaborating with our talented web developer to build out the website, creating assets for our interior design, and creating collateral like the pieces pictured above.

Part of our ByMany brand redesign included commissioning a 3D artist to create Bym - the representation of ByMany's work and values.

This commission was a huge success - it continues to receive positive feedback from clients and employees alike.  And, because it is so striking, we wanted a way to take advantage of its beauty and form in the real world (not just as an animation).

To this end I created stickers from the animation for our technology. The stickers served a dual purpose: branding our laptops and phones, and taking advantage of our brand assets.

Likewise I collaborated with our identity designer on the creation of the branded ByMany journals. They are filled with branded visual and text assets - provocative questions we use daily with our clients and partners to provoke deep thinking.

These were created as gifts for clients and participants, and remain in production (in a number of colourways) today.

Want to know more?

Ask me about it.

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