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Hybrid values redesign collateral

Over the years I've helped companies redesign their values.

Above is a glimpse into the redesign process.

Whenever I've co-designed a values redesign, I made sure it includes:

  • Getting on the same page: let's be clear what values are (and what they're not)

  • Real research: what are people thinking and feeling about their organisation at the moment?

  • Aspirational thinking: what does the organisation's strategy call for? 

  • All-in input: making sure we get as much input from as many people in the organisation as we can

  • Inclusive design: going above and beyond to make sure all important voices are heard, in real life and online

  • Working and reworking: finding the right language is important but wordsmithing isn't the way to go

  • Agreeing and committing: talking about it is one thing, taking into the day-to-day is another

  • Show your work: keeping a record of the process and artefacts of the outcome we can be proud of

The above images are some examples of the online process and the physical artefacts from a couple of the values redesign processes I've been involved in.

Why include redacted images?

I think it's important to capture the realities of the experiences I design - which inevitably include sensitive information - while respecting the anonymity of those involved and safeguarding the business-relevant information shared during these experiences.

(I also like the way the visual representation reflects the vagaries of memory. There is a surreal quality to the images I find quite attractive...)

Want to know more?

Ask me about it.

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