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Immersions at the RCH

I have had the great privilege to create a number of immersions into the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

The purpose of these immersions is to take leaders from outside healthcare into the working of the world-famous hospital; to speak with the leaders of the hospital while experiencing their space and their challenges first hand.

These are highly impactful immersions for a number of reasons. The space of this hospital is beautiful and daunting; the architecture and interior design is impactful and functional. The function of the hospital is triggering; many people spend many emotionally charged hours or days in this space, working to save lives or waiting for loved ones (or themselves) to be helped. The leaders of the hospital are human; yes they save lives daily, and they deal with all the politics and challenges that go with being part of a big organisation.

As such, designing experiences for leaders - both of our client systems and the RCH leaders - requires the upmost respect and attention. I don't take this challenge lightly.

Many deep, transformative conversations have been the result of spending time in this place with these people. I have eternal admiration for the leaders of the RCH and am very grateful for having the opportunity to witness and share their experience and insights with other leaders.

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