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Stop motion holiday card

In the days before instant AI everything, at the end of 2015, I created a holiday card - digital and physical - for our clients.

This was a cute project above and beyond my role's remit at the time, but I felt it was important to help our small consulting business deliver something a little more heartfelt and personal than the usual holiday 'thanks for doing business with us this year' card.

The audience was existing and potential clients across global jurisdictions (particuarly Australia and the US).

The outcome was a set of high quality letterpress printed physical cards, and a digital e-card video.

For this project I designed the card, coordinated with our colleagues in the States to organise die cutting and printing, and produced the video -devising the shot list, curating the settings and talent, assembling the still photographs and producing the final stop motion video.

Above are some process images of the design of the cards, including mock ups, print run and video shot set up.

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