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Winning multi-million dollar proposal creation

ByMany was invited to respond to tender for what would become our largest client. This is a look at the proposal that I designed that won this multi-million dollar piece of work.

As with all good proposals of this nature, the work started with a collaborative effort on (many) a whiteboard.

I took carriage of synthesising and translating these hours of work and scribbles into an innovative, user-friendly, multiformat proposal.

This work had me draw on my deep leadership subject matter expertise, startegic design capabilities, archive of interesting and engageing exprience design, and my project management chops to co-create with a team of leadership development experts. And then, I used my digital nous and graphics design talents to bring it all together in a graphically beautiful and unabashadly on-brand document.

The document included rich media: audio, animation and interactive navigation, as well as rich links to other online media (also cretaed by me). But, I made sure to make the document printable as well, knowing the document would be compared side by side with other providers' printed offerings. This was a challenge in itself; creating one beautiful digital document that allowed both digital and hard copy reading methods.

As well as bringing the whole document together I was particuarly responsible for the bilingual part of our submission, representing the Spanish speaking part of the team. I also designed, co-recorded and edited the bilingual podcast series mentioned on this page (more of that in another post).

And, as is the case with many tender processes, there was a tight timeline, and associated live Q&A sessions to accompany our submission.

I am proud of my work on this one - proud to take such a large role in putting our best foot forward and winning such an important piece of work for our business.

Why include redacted images?

I think it's important to capture the realities of the experiences I design - which inevitably include sensitive information - while respecting the anonymity of those involved and safeguarding the business-relevant information shared during these experiences.

(I also like the way the visual representation reflects the vagaries of memory. There is a surreal quality to the images I find quite attractive...)

Want to know more?

Ask me about it.

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