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I am Xisca Mairata.

I love design.

I think the future is a fascinating place.

I find great joy in making fit-for-purpose creative solutions to big, tricky problems.

I'm a Product Manager and Experience Designer, with a love for Interaction Design. I'm into FPSs, beautiful things, and hanging around with this guy.

I use strategy, design and technology

to help your business

look good, feel right and work well.

I do this for hire.


Read some more about that here.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I love this city.

I am very comfy online - perhaps too comfy, even. I like it here, and believe that with a bit of tweaking we can make it a lovely place for everyone.

I have AUS and ESP citizenship and I respect the way the EU thinks (most of the time).


I have some, and sometimes I share them online.

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Carlton or Fitzroy,
Melbourne, Australia

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